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July 10 th 2008

Guess what?

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I’m in the top 11.94% richest people in the world:


I’m also 6% EMO:


… and i will die on Friday, September 5, 2025:


How stupid is that?

July 9 th 2008

Nice concept

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RIAA RIP1 design
100 shirts
100 prices
100 buyers
200 nipples

What’s the point?

Each shirt sells for the same price as its number. That’s mean… shirt #1 is $1.00, shirt#20 is $20.00 and shirt #100 is $100.00.

You can see which numbered shirts have already been sold on the site. The number in the series is printed on the shirt back, just below the neck.

Their first tee – RIAA RIP by Ben Chlapek



July 9 th 2008

Pour les connaisseurs…

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No comment!


July 8 th 2008

Sun, Moon, Stars

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Sun, Moon, Stars

A pretty old one from Brian.

July 8 th 2008

Just pack your shit and get out!

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Shit Box (around $30) is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use.

Shit Box

This is deal for camping, festivals and pretty much anywhere you need to take a shit. The box pops up from a convenient 14inch flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet. Each box comes with ten degradable poo bags.

And for no particular reason this Shit Box stuff just remember me of this:

Ice Age

Manfred: “Ok you, check for poop.”

Sid: “Hey’ why am I the poop checker?”