November 14 th 2006


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The surface of the earth holds a message for you. You just need to look a little closer…



October 31 st 2006

Some friends

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Suie Paparude Garage Party Mix 😉

October 3 rd 2006

Inventions from Switzerland

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All kind of swiss “inventions” that might be helpful for you.

Swiss inventions


October 2 nd 2006

World eBook Fair – 500.000 eBooks for free

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The World eBook Fair

The World eBook Fair is an internet event with the duration of 1 month, providing access to 500.000 eBooks that can be downloaded for free for the month of October, International Book Fair Month.

This event is brought to you by the oldest and largest free ebook source on the internet, Project Gutenberg, with the assistance of the World eBook Library.


September 28 th 2006


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Congratulations! You have received the gift of nothing.

Absolute nothing… 😉

Gift of nothing