February 28th 2006

Best canned sardines on Romanian market

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I like fish very much! I like booth saltwater fish and river fish. I like fresh fish and also canned fish. I tried almost every kind of canned sardines on the Romanian market (made in Romania or imported). I finally came to a conclusion:

Ladies and gentlemen’s let me introduce you the best canned sardines on Romanian market: Bab Mansour.

Bab Mansour

These canned sardines are made in Morocco and come in two flavors:

Bab Mansour Canned Sardine Fish in vegetable oil and spices
Bab Mansour Canned Sardine Fish in vegetable oil and spices

Bab Mansour Canned Sardine Fish in vegetable oil
Bab Mansour Canned Sardine Fish in vegetable oil

First one is very spicy (it contains a red paprika in the can) and it’s my absolute favorite one. The second one is almost the same, but without paprika – no spicy here.

Bon appetite!

These sardines are pretty hard to find in little stores. I only find it in big supermarkets like Billa and Cora.

So if you eventually come to Romania and wish to eat some good canned sardines (Hmmm – why anybody should do that!?), you definitely should try Bab Mansour!

Bon appetite!

Bon appetite!

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