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October 31 st 2006

Some friends

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Suie Paparude Garage Party Mix 😉

October 24 th 2006

Romanian Zoo mourns star elephant

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The Bucharest Zoological Garden has announced that one of the oldest elephants on the European continent, Gaya, died in its compound this weekend.

Gaya, 48, was brought to Romania from Rostock 34 years ago, when it just turned 14. The animal’s health deteriorated lately.

The longest lifespan reported for a captive elephant was 52 years. It was recorded at the Sidney Zoological Garden in Australia. It is common for a wild elephant to live as much as 70 years.

October 11 th 2006

Pricilla gone missing

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Pricilla gone missing is an excellent online quest game by Johan Tornkvist.

Pricilla gone missing
Pricilla gone missing


October 5 th 2006

Absolute Ad by Bucharest Traffic Police

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Impressive ad Social campaign by Bucharest (Romania) Traffic Police. A smart parody of Absolut Vodka ads: Absolute Tragedy, Absolute Stupidity, Absolute Insanity.

Absolute Tragedy


October 3 rd 2006

Inventions from Switzerland

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All kind of swiss “inventions” that might be helpful for you.

Swiss inventions