July 30 th 2008

Hero, Leader, God

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The hero. The leader. The god

This is the sculpture named "The hero. The leader. The god" by Russian New York based artist Alexander Kosolapov.

I guess everyone of the characters could be the hero, the god and the leader at the same time. So you could try this: pray to Mickey, watch the Lenin animated series and drink vodka like Jesus. 😉

July 20 th 2008

Nothing up her sleeves

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I’m sure most of you have seen it, but for those that haven’t you can check out the amazing, comedic styling of Ursula Martinez, the Stripping Magician.

This short piece called Hankey Pankey combines a handkerchief trick and magic act with striptease and was filmed at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in 2006-2007 in Montreal. She should have invited someone on stage for the last bit to find that red cloth.

Ursula Martinez is a London based Anglo-Spanish writer, performer and cult cabaret diva noted for her use of nudity and non-actors. Her father is British and her mother Spanish. She has worked with experimental theater groups Forced Entertainment, Insomniac Productions, The Glee Club, and Duckie. In the 1990s she began to combine this with her experience in cabaret, establishing a reputation in the queer arts community.

The Theme Music is “A Shot In the Dark” (Pre-Pink Panther films) by Henry Mancini.

Be forewarned, there is nudity. Don’t watch it if you’re easily offended.


July 18 th 2008

What does your dog do all day?

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Do you want to see the world through the eyes of your pet?

Do you want to see from a new angle – pictures of your dog licking himself?

Pet's Eye View

Called, the Pet’s Eye View, this tiny camera on your pet’s collar will let you see through the eyes of your cat or dog while they tour the neighborhood or while you’re away.

Pet’s Eye View camera snaps 640×480 pixels pictures and can be set on a timer depending on how often you want to see what your pet sees, either one minute, five minutes, or 15 minute intervals. The camera also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes a four foot USB cord to download pics to your PC.

Unfortunately Pet’s Eye View memory card can hold for now only 35 pictures.

July 17 th 2008

Incredible animal hair hats by Nagi Noda

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Nagi Noda is a Japanese weird video designer and art director, who has been called one of the most influential woman in Japan. Noda recently create 15 really unique and innovative headpieces inspired by beasts such as rabbits, poodles, owls and elephants.

Incredible animal hair hats by Nagi Noda
Incredible animal hair hats by Nagi Noda
Incredible animal hair hats by Nagi Noda


July 10 th 2008

Guess what?

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I’m in the top 11.94% richest people in the world:


I’m also 6% EMO:


… and i will die on Friday, September 5, 2025:


How stupid is that?