July 15 th 2008

Petit pas

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Was the Apollo moon landing fake? Great animation by Mauro Carraro.

July 8 th 2008

Sun, Moon, Stars

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Sun, Moon, Stars

A pretty old one from Brian.

January 24 th 2007


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“HORN OK PLEASE” follows a monotonous day in the life of an Indian taxi driver named Lucky who dreams of owning an air-conditioned car.

“HORN OK PLEASE” was produced in 2006 by Flickerpix Animations Ltd in Belfast and won 8 international awards. It is a creative collaboration between animators from India and Northern Ireland.

November 14 th 2006


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Great story and top notch animation. So sad and beautiful, it’s really moving…

I love it! Done by Dony Permedi.

November 11 th 2006

Le Building

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“Le Building” is a minute-and-a-half film made by a team of 5 French students from the animation school “the Gobelins” in Paris, France. It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2005 international animation festival.

Amazing work! Very inspiring!