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March 31 st 2006

Steaua Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest tie 1-1 in UEFA Cup quarters

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Steaua Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest tie 1-1 in UEFA Cup quarters

Steaua Bucharest held rival Rapid Bucharest to a 1-1 tie Thursday March 31, 2006 in the first leg of the UEFA Cup quarterfinals. The yesterday match was the first all-Romania game in European club competition.

Banel Nicolita scored for Steaua in the fifth minute, stroking the ball into the net off a pass from Daniel Oprita. Viorel Moldovan tied it in the 50th, tapping in a loose ball after Steaua goalkeeper Carlos Alberto Fernandes failed to hold on to a shot from Emil Dica.

Rapid and Steaua have a nasty history, with rival fans clashing in recent years, but there was no major trouble reported from the stadium.

Steaua Bucharest, the 1986 European Champions Cup winner, would advance to the UEFA Cup semifinals if it holds Rapid to a 0-0 tie in the second leg next Thursday

Match report.

March 29 th 2006

Solar eclipse partially visible in Romania

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The most spectacular astronomical phenomenon of 2006, the sun eclipse was partially seen across Romania, especially in the southeastern localities, where the sun’s coverage degree reached 80%, compared with 65% in west.

In Bucharest, the eclipse took place today Wednesday 29 March 29, 2006 at 12:44 o’clock.

See below some pictures taken in Bucharest during the eclipse.

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

March 29 th 2006

How Indian professors speak English

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Pay attention 😉 :

Don’t dare talk infront of my back.

Both of you three get out of the class.

Why are you so late? Say yes or no.

Take 5cm wire of any length!

I have 2 daughters – both of them are girls.

All of you stand in a straight circle!

Quiet! The Principal just passed away.

Everybody stand lengthwise!

March 21 st 2006

1500 Venezuelans Pose Nude in Public

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Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick

More than 1500 Venezuelans shed their clothes on the avenue Bolivar in downtown Caracas, Sunday, March 19, 2006 to pose for American photographer Spencer Tunick, forming a human mosaic in front of a national symbol: a statue of independence hero Simon Bolivar.

For the volunteers, being part of Tunick’s art meant letting go of inhibitions and enduring a two-hour series of sometimes uncomfortable positions on the pavement. They posed standing, lying down and on their knees as the warm Caribbean sun emerged on the eastern horizon.

Spencer Tunick, an artist from Brooklyn, N.Y., has photographed and filmed masses of people in the nude in dozens of public places from Finland to Australia.

The artist, who has been arrested multiple times while shooting in the United States, said he was happy to have darker-skinned subjects. Most Venezuelans are considered mestizo, a mix of Spanish, African and indigenous bloodlines that gives many a brown skin tone.

Tunick said each volunteer will receive a print of the installation.

March 20 th 2006

Pick up the phone like “men”

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German company called Retrostar is making these really cool old style phones/headsets that can connect to cellphones via the headset plug. They work with pretty much every phone model. The traditional telephone receiver can also be connected to a PC and be used for telephoning over the Internet.