August 24 th 2006

31 years of Playboy Brasil

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31 Years Of Playboy Brasil

This is one of the greatest ads I’ve ever seen. The ad was created by an agency in Brazil, called Neogama (BBH Brasil), and they did a wonderfull job.

With just a few simple squiggles of a black pen on white paper, it effectively illustrates the message 😉

June 16 th 2006

Romania Simply Surprising

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The official motto for the travel Romania tourism board is Simply Surprising and many first time visitors are compelled to agree when they first step foot in my enchanting country 😉

June 6 th 2006

In case you missed it…

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What else can I say: You owe us big time 😉

May 16 th 2006

Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up!!!

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Folgers coffee

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY, this ad for Folgers coffee consists of delicious looking photos of coffee printed on vinyl and placed on top of steaming manhole covers around New York. Holes cut out of the photographs allow the steam from the manholes to rise through, created the effect of giant, steaming hot cups of coffee.