May 16th 2006

The itbed – Cardboard foldaway

Posted in Lifestyle, Weird by Teo


The itbed, is a clever fold up bed made from cardboard. The ultimate in compactability and functionality, the itbed is made from 7 mm thick cardboard that is folded like an accordion. It can be assembled in one simple step and when it’s collapsed the itbed takes up minimal storage space.

With itbed overnight guests will no longer have to sleep on the floor or sofa. 😉

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  1. Jack says:

    Feeling drowsy now. Its wonderful with so many positive traits. The best part is that it takes up the minimal storage space as my rooms are always in a mess.

    May 17th 2006 at 7:00 am

  2. Thiaguito says:

    So cool ur blog, congratulations. Thiaguito. Brazil.

    May 18th 2006 at 10:08 pm

  3. Victor says:

    Hey! Lovely bed. Thanx for the latest fashion update.I would surely like to buy it.

    May 22nd 2006 at 7:24 am

  4. anna says:

    I like the concept of itbed. Its so convenient to fold it and keep it other place when not in use,unlike other beds. There are so many compartments in it to keep books and papers.

    May 23rd 2006 at 7:24 am

  5. DaRiuX says:

    Nice bed… it is much better than sleeping on the flor. I just like it! 🙂

    May 29th 2006 at 4:03 pm

  6. Maysa says:

    I guess it would be able to carry the load of a fatty like me?

    June 7th 2006 at 8:35 am

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