May 2nd 2006

The sound of the city in "Overheard in Bucharest"

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I’m proud to sustain the Overheard in Bucharest project initiated by Andreea Retea and her friend, Flavia Zablau.

Overheard in Bucharest is a website similar in many ways with Overheard in New York website. The main subject of the project is to gather pieces of conversations overheard in Bucharest.

In addition to “Overheard in NY”, the Romanian site brings out some innovations. One is the “immigrants” section: “Overheard in the world”. One of the most expected section of the site, by creators as well as by the collaborators is the called “Seen in Bucharest”, section that will gather together pictures of the city.

Bucharest is a town of paradoxes, a mix of people coming from different parts of Romania. The ways of life are so different sometimes that it’s quite interesting to surprise pieces of them. “We try to show the city’s specific colors gave by live conversations, funny, especially when they are drawn out of the context. At a general look, the city seems gray, but small details make Bucharest a mosaic of gestures, lines, and people – a unique place!” said Andreea Retea.

The authors of the site intend to create a network of collaborators ensuring this way the continuity of the project and its success. If you can help this project please contact the authors.

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  1. dave says:

    It’s an innovative idea – there’s no doubt about that, but, you could be sued by people for using their conversation, if it is an unauthorized use, that is. Any how, congrats on focussing on a small country as Romania.

    May 5th 2006 at 9:24 am

  2. andressa says:

    You can only be sued if somedody could be indentified using the information in the piece of conversation. And so far I think we’ve succeeded in not disclosing any identity.

    May 7th 2006 at 4:30 pm

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