July 23rd 2008

Strejnic Airfield, Ploiesti – Video streaming webcam

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Strejnic Ploiesti - Romania Airfield

Click on image for live streaming. Check also these Bucharest webcams.

Strejnic Ploiesti-Romania Airfield is a grass airfield for light and acrobatic planes. Here student pilots do their training on the first year at Romanian Aviation Academy.

On Strejnic is also an important skydiving center (the only one from this part of Europe where you can perform a jump in tandem with a trainer from a height of 4000m, for just 120 euro and an additional 30 euro fee – if you want the jump recorded on camera – no previous experience or training required)

Read below about 2 word records related with Strejnic Airfield:

Largest skydiving during a Solar Eclipse-world record set by Romanian skydivers

Youngest Skydiver-world record set by Valentina Mihanciu

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