March 14th 2006

Pictures of the Year

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The winners of the 2006 Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition have been announced. Magazine Photographer of the Year is the Hungarian freelancer Tamas Dezso with his photo set “Romania – On Europe’s Eastern Edge”.

Tamas Dezso was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1978. He is one of the best Hungarian photographs with many awards in his portfolio. His photos capture people from small village and their relationship with nature and the land.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Boys kickboxing on the main street of Buzescu. The gypsy community created a bizarre cityscape here: they erect pompous buildings to show off their wealth, many of which stand uninhabited afterwards.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Couple standing in front of their home which the floods made uninhabitable in Nanov village near Alexandria.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Car approaching a village through the riverbed after the floods washed away the bridge of the only road leading to the village. A string of floods hit some two-thirds of Romania’s territory in 2005.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Traditional funeral ceremony in Barca on a winter afternoon.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Woman returns home with goose under arm in Sapoca village. Bird flu threatening fowls and humans is a serious concern.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Orthodox priest Constantin Milos blesses a seminarist in the town Bocsa.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Locals at the village Calvini feast in the tent put up in the rectory’s garden on the day of St Nicholas, the major patron saint of the Orthodox Church.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern EdgeMan about to descend from the top of a haystack near Savinesti. The centuries-old method of drying hay guarantees ample food for animals in the winter. With the lack of machinery, most farming work is carried out in the traditional way.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Old couple sit in their unheated living room in Vedea village, close to the southern border.

Romania - On Europe's Eastern Edge

Early on a winter morning, a young boy is off to work to saw firewood for locals in Odobesti and nearby villages.

Pictures and descriptions from the POYi website.
More info about Tamas Dezso on his website.

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